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Did your maternal grandmother oppose your marriage choice, forcing you to elope in Tibet? Did you enter the Guinness Book of World Records by eating the most Pani Puris? Were you in shock when half the airplane stood up to fetch their overhead baggage just as the plane was LANDING?

Tell us your “ONLY IN INDIA” story, and win a spot in the Goa Streets Independence Day Special Edition.

Just let us know about the craziest, strangest, most unusual and utterly incredible stuff that’s happened to you – stuff that can happen ONLY IN INDIA. Winning entries will be publicly announced and published in the print and online editions of Goa Streets on Independence Day, Aug. 15, 2014. Winners will also receive certificates of appreciation, and a surprise giveaway.

Click here to submit your story, keeping it below 350 words. Once approved, your “Only In India” story will appear on www.goastreets.com. Please be sure to tell all your friends to “share” your story, as getting lots of ‘shares’ increases your winning chances by 50%. (The other 50% is determined by a Committee of Elders at Goa Streets!).

The sooner you submit the quicker we can approve it and give you more time to share and promote. Deadline for entries is Tuesday, Aug. 12. So hurry!

To read and share Only In India stories, click here.